Be Aware of the Anxiety Symptoms of People Around You

Be Aware of Anxiety Symptoms of People Around You
Be Aware of Anxiety Symptoms of People Around You
Be Aware of Anxiety Symptoms of People Around You

People around you might be having anxiety symptoms that you don’t even realize. Sometimes you should pay a little attention to your friends or maybe your own family, because who knows that they might need someone to talk to about how they feel. There might be symptoms you’ve seen but were not aware of, but what are those symptoms?

Symptoms of anxiety you might didn’t know yet

  1. Headaches

When people with anxiety disorder are experiencing an anxiety attack or panic attack in any situation, they will feel like there is tension in their head and they become very overwhelmed by that like it’s about to explode. They will like there is a bump that goes around their head and pressure building up in their heads for no reason.

  1. Shaking for no reason

If these anxiety symptoms happen to someone, maybe they weren’t feeling alright. They might be feeling fear about something that comes up in their head. Take this as a note, if you see someone shaking, all you can do is try to talk and keep them calm. Ask what are they feeling right now. You can be very helpful to them by distracting their mind.

  1. Excessive sweating

They can excessively be sweating even when they were in the middle of the crowd. They were fighting their anxiety in this situation. Even they can experience this when there is nothing happen to worry about. Most people normally sweat when they are doing exercises or sports, but they will feel this in any situation when they feel anxious.

  1. Zoned out

This anxiety symptoms can be bothering their daily activities such as schoolwork, relationships, and job performance because when they get zoned out it means that they lost their focus. You can help them by awakening them from this zoned out and bringing their focus back by keep talking with them and reminding them to always think about something.

  1. Feeling dizzy

They will feel dizzy and they may feel light-headed like they’re gonna fall over. Their head spins a bit. It is very difficult for them. Their body tries to breathe in oxygen maybe it’s taking too much in or taking in too little so their brain thinks about whether they’re gonna stand up or fall over. They also might experience this when they are just walking around.

People with anxiety disorder are unpredictable. They have to fight their brain to survive from those anxiety symptoms. There are many other symptoms that they might feel when they had no friends to walk with or to talk with about their activities, how all of it was and their feelings. You even can’t imagine how hard it is to have an anxiety disorder.

Now you know about some symptoms of anxiety, you can be aware more about this serious thing and then you can help them if they need it and keep in touch with them. Just pay more attention to people around you that are suddenly doing or experiencing one of the symptoms and then you could do something for them quickly.

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