Are You Burnout? Here Are How to Maintain Mental Health

Are You Burnout! Here Are How to Maintain Mental Health images
Are You Burnout! Here Are How to Maintain Mental Health images
Are You Burnout! Here Are How to Maintain Mental Health images

Nowadays, many people struggle with mental health. A lot of reasons can affect mental well-being. It leads to overstress or burnout, depression, less motivation, or the worst case mental health disorder. Poor mental health relates to productivity and life quality.  It would be bad if you don’t repair it and try to cure it. So, here are how to maintain mental health.

5 tips to keep your mental health

  1. Sleep enough

Many people who suffer from mental health have bad sleep patterns either in quantity or quality. Those people usually can’t put sleep as a priority. They tend to have short or improper sleep time, in short, chaotic sleep patterns. Whereas sleep is a prominent need of humans. Because sleep is the way humans rest their organs and charge energy.

When you are sleeping, the brain will repair and strengthen the immune system. You can sleep at least 6 hours per day. It affects the recharge of your energy to focus and regulate your emotions, as well as your memory. Managing sleep patterns would be the best place to start repairing mental health and life well-being.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the ways people keep healthy and maintain mental health. There are no excuses for not doing exercise, although you are busy with your work. You should manage your time to do exercise. Many kinds of sports can be done at home or in narrow spaces, and require simple equipment, such as jump rope, yoga, and weightlifting with dumbbells.

During exercise, you let your whole body move and activate the system. It keeps the body working in the right place. Exercise also forms and improves the hormones that can regulate and relieve emotions. It affects the mood in your brain. If the physic is healthy, the mind will follow it

Are You Burnout! Here Are How to Maintain Mental Health images
Are You Burnout! Here Are How to Maintain Mental Health images
  1. Eat healthy food

Food is similar to fuel and the body is an engine. It would be nothing If you maintain the engine but don’t care about the fuel. To maintain mental health, you should mind your food consumption. Fulfill your nutrition with healthy food. Fruit, vegetables, protein, and probiotic food are some healthy foods. Those contain vitamins and good nutrition.

  1. Make boundaries

Some people have difficulty setting boundaries between their work or business and living reality. They can’t see clearly the boundaries or sometimes just don’t have the heart to say no. You have to know where you stand at the moment and what you should do. It means if you are at the office, don’t think too much regarding home or another business that doesn’t relate to the office. Do your responsibility based on your capability.

  1. Take quality time with yourself

At the rest of the day or the end of the weekend, you should have time to maintain mental health. It means you rest your mind from hectic or chaotic thinking. Taking quality time with yourself is the best choice. You can go out, travel around, and date yourself. In addition, you have another option such as just daydreaming or journaling what you feel.

According to those explanations, maintaining our mental health is as important as keeping our bodies healthy. Those several tips can repair and help your mental well-being. If you feel stressed, you should immediately do those tips. If it doesn’t help, you can contact and go to the doctor for further treatment.

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