6 Winter Care Tips For Children, Parents Should Know

6 Winter Care Tips For Children, Parents Should Know
6 Winter Care Tips For Children, Parents Should Know
6 Winter Care Tips For Children, Parents Should Know

With the snow and holiday, winter is among the best and most fun seasons for kids. There are many ways children will enjoy the season, including playing in the snow or going out to enjoy the breeze. But don’t let your guard down. Winter can be harsh for kids or children. Consider the following winter care tips for children to avoid unexpected colds and flu. 

Some tips to take care of your kids. 

  1. Moisturizing And Oiling

Cold is bound to come with dry weather. Thus, a good amount of moisturizer will help keep the child’s sensitive skin healthy. In this case, you can use olive oil, almond oil, and mustard oil. For younger kids less than s2 months, avoid mustard oil. You can also take care of the lips, using milk cream or petroleum jelly. 

  1. Bathing Routine

Another good care for kids is bathing instruction. When the weather is not too cold, bathe the child every day. But if the temperature is lower or too cold, cut the frequency of bathing to around 2-3 times a week (even with warm water). The idea is to avoid losing skin natural oils, which keep their skin healthy. When they are not bathing, clean them using a damp sponge.

  1. Diet And Hydration

Winter care tips for children that should not be forgotten is the diet and hydration. No specific dietary or superfood for your children, but you can add food that helps add warmth. Some items include whole grain, rice, wheat, green leafy, lentils, or fruits. Some other option includes dry fruit, formula milk, breastfeeding (for an infant), and increasing the intake of warm fluids. 

  1. Keep Ideal Room Temperature

As your child get warm from food and drink, ramp up their health with room temperature. During winter, allow them to spend more time indoors. With that, you can use a comfortable temperature for the child. If you have an infant younger than 18 months, touch their hand to see their condition. If the hand feels chilly, increase the room temperature as the best winter care tip for children

  1. Use a Heater

Commonly, the optimal room temperature during winter should be around 22-18 degrees. You can use the heater to keep up with the temperature. But be careful in wearing one. Avoid using one overnight and always practice the necessary precaution to maintain children’s safety near the heating appliance. If you use artificial heaters, be wary of humidity inside the room.

  1. Keep Ideal Layers Of Clothing

Along with the room temperature, you can also give an ideal layer of clothing. The tips are to wear a layer of cotton between the skin and wool. With that, you can prevent long skin contact with wool that can lead to rashes and eczema. Avoid excessive layers of woolen clothing, cover their hands and feet when outside, and don’t use too much blanket to avoid too much weight. Try those winter care tips for children to keep them healthy. 

6 Winter Care Tips For Children, Parents Should Know
6 Winter Care Tips For Children, Parents Should Know

Children may see winter as a fun season to play and enjoy, but the cold winter can turn into a nightmare for younger kids. Winter can be the reason for seasonal flu and cold, which every parent should be prepared for. For parents, consider paying attention to moisturizer, diet, bath, room temp, clothing, and heater. With that, hopefully, your children won’t get sick.

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