3 Key Questions About The Risk Of High Blood Pressure When You’re Sick

3 Key Questions About The Risk Of High Blood Pressure When You're Sick
3 Key Questions About The Risk Of High Blood Pressure When You’re Sick

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer for reasons. Among them is how the condition can arise and get worse without particular symptoms. To make it worse, some illnesses can increase the risk of high blood pressure. So if you are sick, consider seeing the following questions as your mindset. So you can prepare for hypertension risk. 

Could illness or sickness cause hypertension? 

Hypertension or high blood pressure might be seen as a hereditary condition. However, it does not make people free from the risk. High blood pressure can suddenly appear due to several factors, and among the most unknown ones is an illness. Illness or being sick can cause hypertension. And the best example of a case is having a fever. 

Some other conditions that have a relation to bacterial and viral infection can also make the heart pump blood faster. Some examples are strep throat, bronchitis, and pneumonia, which spike the heart rate. Generally, it also depends on the person’s condition. But the natural body’s defense will pump the heart faster to supply oxygen or to fight the illness. 

Some reason why the risk of high blood pressure is increasing is due to the nature of several illnesses. If you have a condition with inflammation, your body responding to the infection, the heart rate is increasing, and the body temperature has increased, you likely get higher blood pressure. And to make it worse, some medication might cause the case. 

What kind of medication cause high blood pressure?

3 Key Questions About The Risk Of High Blood Pressure When You're Sick

Even the simple flu can increase your high rate and beat. Not only because the body is fighting the virus, but also due to several medications that have several ingredients related to hypertension condition. That is also the reason why you need to read the medicine details and ingredients to ensure you don’t work your heart harder. 

Medication with salt content is among the highest factor of high blood pressure. Always speak to your doctor if you are at risk of high blood pressure. So, the doctor will prescript different medications. Decongestants can also cause hypertension. It is a common over-the-top medication for headaches or migraine. Due to its effect to shrink blood vessels, it could increase the risk.

What can underlying health condition cause hypertension?  

Given the nature of hypertension that causes illness, you also need to consider underlying health conditions. Health conditions such as Diabetes, underactive or overactive thyroid, lupus, kidney disease, lupus, or obstructive sleep apnea can turn into the main factor of hypertension. Not only condition, but pregnancy also cause the same effect. 

This kind of condition is known as secondary hypertension. It means that whether you already have a history of hypertension or not, the health condition will likely increase your risk of high blood pressure. To avoid anything going worse, always discuss your ongoing symptom. Thus you can prevent all possible health problems. 

Those three questions will help you be more cautious about the possibility of getting Hypertension. All because high blood pressure can get worse and be a silent killer without the person knowing the condition. So if you are currently sick or have an underlying health condition, be aware of possible worsening high blood pressure. Get to the doctor for a better checkup.

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